Thoughts and Thriving


Thoughts for your Path into Thriving


1. Don’t believe all your thoughts. 

What if You believe something that is not true anymore, that You have outlived?

Consider choosing new thoughts and beliefs which reflect authentically who You are now…and yes, we can!


2. Choose to think only what makes You feel better. 

Why would You want to think something that makes You feel worse?

We often forget that we have a choice about what we are thinking – question your old thoughts!


3. Risk giving yourself three appreciations every day. 

What better thing to do while brushing your teeth or waiting at a red light?

We all thrive on being appreciated, not only children do – You, the adult does, too!


4. As often as You will remember, be grateful to your feet for carrying You. 

It is okay, to also thank your eyes, hands, heart, colon, etc…

It always makes us feel better, to be grateful for something –

– it balances the dark clouds in our life with the warm light of gratitude!


5. Live every moment, as if this is your last day in this body.

When if not now, do You want to live yourself authentically?!


With love ~ Siljoy

From Conundrum to Clarity

From Conundrum to Clarity

Allow for the right time… create space for clarity to emerge… consider resistance or confusion to be information about something relevant to your issue… trust the process… know that all will be clear when the time is right for it… be curious and actually enjoy not-yet-knowing… breathe and feel your feet…
With love ~ Siljoy