Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Imagine a dark room with a candle burning in it – where will your eyes go? To the candle, yes, just as your soul is drawn to the light. If You had the choice of having the candle in this dark space or not, wouldn’t we all choose to have that little light?

In those moments, when our lives seem very dark, having a beacon of light makes a difference, doesn’t it? The beauty of life is that we can actually have some control over that. The famous psychologist Victor Frankl was one of the first to teach: that in our minds we can be free! He helped many people survive the concentration camps in Europe, mentoring them into controlling their thoughts instead of collapsing into victim-hood in the face of the overwhelming onslaught of brutality that people faced.

So how can this apply to You and your life? Even in our darkest moments we still have a choice, the choice what we want to think. Most people experience themselves as “thinkers on auto pilot” and it has not occurred to them that they can actually choose which thoughts they give energy to. Just as in meditation, we can observe our thoughts and let those that do not serve us, float out of our brain like clouds moving along the sky.

How do we know whether a thought serves us? We might be so used to thinking how useless we are, how we don’t deserve, how unfair life is, etc that it can seem impossible to come up with alternatives.
In my many years of mentoring clients/mentees as a Holistic Life Mentor, I have found the following most useful:

“Don’t believe everything You think”, is one of my favorite quotes. May I suggest an experiment, just for one day? Don’t believe everything You think! And whatever thoughts You find floating in your head, maybe even harassing You in their effect, I want You to question them and their validity! How about You use the following question for that: does it strengthen me or weaken me to think this thought? Leave the judgments of “good or bad” and “right or wrong” behind You, as they make everything very complicated. Those words are overwrought with complex memories and the moral implications of our upbringing and what parents, schools and society taught us. That is very difficult to sort through and rarely do You come out at the other end with YOUR truth!
When You simply — and I mean simply — ask yourself in regards to whether it strengthens or weakens You, You will find that the answer comes very quickly. And should your thought strengthen You, then You will feel even stronger and assured to be on an authentic track. Should your inner response be that You have been weakening and self-sabotaging your Self, then You will naturally be inspired to re-think and find a better option. By utilizing this tool, You add a powerful life skill to your daily life. It has the power to change your life experience. I invite You to experiment with it and please let me know how it is working for You in creating the life You want.

Don’t believe me – prove me “right or wrong”!

With love ~ Siljoy