Mentoring and Healing

Siljoy Maurer

photo credit Nicole McConville

Siljoy provides a wide variety of services. All of her Holistic Life Mentoring offers an improved quality of life and/or the achievement of specific goals through greater personal awareness and refined life skills.

You will understand how You ‘operate’ as an entity, based on the inter-relatedness of the five elements in The Holistic MobileTM. You will re-connect with your innate wisdom and intuition, and achieve the capability to live your new awareness through making self-loving choices. If You are dealing with physical issues, such as illness, pain or infertility, You will increase your body awareness and understanding. You will learn valuable tools and practices on how to be well and achieve healing. It is an empowering and creative process, facilitated by the mentorship between You and Me.

Schedule your initial holistic consultation (phone, Skype or office) to look deeper into what your personal experience and needs are, as well as to give You a chance to learn more about Siljoy.

“I worked with Siljoy over numerous weeks. She provided an extremely safe haven for me to open up to inner issues that led to increased self esteem, greater awareness of my process, and the ability to recognize and deal with child-like emotions.”

– Robert S., 54, Carmel Valley, CA