Holistic Life Mentoring

Whether You have some physical, emotional, mental, social, professional or spiritual issues, or no problems and just want guidance to grow more, or You need new strategies for Your personal and professional relationships: Benefit from highly skilled and effective guidance through any life situation!

Are You curious enough to try something new, or have You lost hope with other methods? If You want to improve your life now, restore your well-being and move into thriving, Siljoy’s unique, successful holistic approach —The Holistic MobileTM — can help You:

  • Empower yourself by learning valuable information about how You ‘operate.’
  • Succeed personally and professionally by transforming the way You think.
  • Increase your body awareness and learn to heal from within.
  • Find guidance on how to meet your spiritual needs.
  • Enhance your relations by perfecting your communication and boundary skills.

Learn how to connect with the power in your life experience!

Siljoy offers an unusual Holistic Life Mentoring which she developed over 26 years of working with her clients – guiding to immediate and profound integration of holistic learning and perception. She is also specialized in supporting involuntary childless people and has for years dedicated some of her work to reduce the taboo around childlessness.

From surviving…or aliving…to thriving You don’t have to do it alone!

“Siljoy Maurer is the ultimate gifted Holistic Life Mentor. Both personally and professionally, she has consistently inspired, informed and guided me with great compassion and wisdom. The flexible phone sessions this unique mentor offers to all her clients, makes our life-enhancing work together possible. Siljoy is Amazing!”

Colleen Chanel, Continental Song Stylist/International Keynote Performer www.ColleenChanel.com