Worldwide Mentoring

Nationwide & International — English & German

For any of life’s issues, including:

  • Personal Growth
  • Involuntary Childlessness
  • Body Image & Self Image
  • Chronic Pain & Physical Problems
  • Communication & Boundaries

Why would You choose Mentoring by phone or Skype?

∼  The session can be in the comfort of your own home.

∼  You can save time and energy by not having to travel.

This can also mean increased time flexibility for You.

∼  If You are very auditory, You might prefer working by phone.

∼  Some clients enjoy the anonymity of phone work.

∼  Even if you live far away, You can have access to my unique Holistic services,

by working with me over the phone and bringing support right into your home!

Based on my professional background and experiences, I am offering a rarely available Holistic Life Mentoring — The Holistic Mobile — which I developed over 33 years of working with my clients. I guide You to immediate and profound integration of holistic learning and perception. I am also specialized in supporting involuntary childless people and have for years dedicated some of my work to reduce the taboo around childlessness.

The individualized attention You will be given via the telephone or Skype is as effective as if You would see me in person. Most of my clients report that during their long-distance sessions they feel as if I am in the room with them — we do get to know each other well.

“I have never had a counselor or therapist who was so absolutely there for me. Siljoy really cares and I can feel it all the way from Tucson! She is there when I need her and she always knows how to lead me out of even the most difficult of emotional traumas. Just having Siljoy in my life as my mentor makes me feel safer and more secure. Siljoy, You do more than listen – You help me grow.”

BW, 55, Seattle, WA

“Siljoy has been a wonderful guide and support person. I was at a crossroads with my infertility journey. I needed someone to talk with who truly understood my pain. I was searching on the internet one night for some kind of support and Siljoy’s article “Empty Arms – Dealing with the Pain of Involuntary Childlessness” caught my attention. I read it and knew that she truly understood! My only concern was that her practice was in California and I live in Illinois. I emailed her. We scheduled a free phone session. I was unsure at first about doing phone sessions. After talking with her I knew it was right. The sessions have become invaluable. I have found happiness again in my life. I am peaceful and whole once again and healthier than ever because of Siljoy’s wisdom and compassion. I cannot thank her enough.”

K.A.F., Illinois