Holistic Weight “Loss” Solutions

  • Discover some necessary skills You need, to overcome a weight issue.
  • Find the true purpose behind a weight increase or decrease.
  • Learn some empowering aspects on what we have “weight” for.

Struggling with weight is a common problem so many people face every day. Whether we want to reduce or increase our weight, how we understand and approach the challenge greatly affects our results. I am offering my own observations, coupled with many years of Holistic Thinking — maybe a little different from what You have heard before?

I will introduce You to my perspectives on weight and eating. I want to give You some ideas on how to start conquering weight issues by expanding your thinking and awareness.

There are many facets to our experience of weight and eating. Let me start with “weight” and its most important and often overlooked aspect — weight provides us with gravity! And gravity — whether little, average or a lot — is one major determining factor in how connected and grounded we feel. As long as we have not learned yet (and most people have not) how to ground ourselves consciously, we might need our body/weight to do it for us.

How? It is very simple…the “heavy”ness or “light”ness of our bodies creates the connection to the ground through the soles of our feet. The more we weigh, the more intense and solid is the contact between our feet and the earth, with the body weight “pressing us down” onto the ground. So for someone in a very un-grounding situation, such as constant commuting, being in transition or living with fears, one way to increase your grounding could be to “heavy” yourself. Would You like to learn how to do it consciously rather than using your weight to do it for You?

On the other hand, some people who keep their bodyweight very low and/or who might have reasons not to want to feel much of what is going on in their lives, can lessen contact with their feet/body and the earth, by “lightening” themselves.
Another aspect is how much space we are comfortable taking up in our world. A person might feel really small and insignificant inside and hide her/himself in a big body. Or being big physically might seem the only allowable way “to be big” in life. Similarly, it can be with the need to “disappear” through a smaller body.

Weight is an ally, not an enemy. I trust and have observed many times how a weight increase or decrease has a purpose. It is very important to know this purpose is not punishment or failure. Our bodies have a lot of wisdom and a “built-in weight gage” which knows the weight level best for us at any given time. And yes, it is true that sometimes our situation has changed, yet we might have forgotten to make it a priority to change habits — keeping a physical weight which does not serve us anymore.

My first teacher in anthroposophic medicine, Dr. Peter Matthiessen MD, from Herdecke, Germany, taught me many years ago, to view eating also as a smart way of the body to calm one’s brain, stress and anxiety.

Eating literally “pulls blood down from an overactive brain (busy worrying for instance) to help digest what is put into the stomach and that has a sedative-like effect, soothing mind and emotions.”

Besides more physical perspectives on weight and eating, there are many more mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. I teach my clients/mentees skills to change unwanted behavior, considering and addressing everyone’s unique needs.

I hope this information gives You some good food for thought. To learn more, contact me for an initial consultation…by phone, Skype or in my office.