Success-Failure-Thinking … Go Beyond it!

Success-Failure-Thinking … Go Beyond it!

Grow your Self beyond the concepts of typical success-failure-thinking. We are a few weeks into the new year now and for many  scrutinizing their “new failures” in regards to their new goals have already begun. In thinking about your New Year’s Resolution, I invite You to step out of the familiar goal setting and give something entirely different to your Self. Rather than going after something outside of now and You, strengthen what is …

Choose, as often as You can remember, to give your Self some appreciation. Appreciate anything which is true about You. The truth always strengthens us, even if it is a truth that You might not like. When You acknowledge it, You actually place it within the realm of your personal power – and how that is important is that now You can actually do something about it! So what, if as a new approach, just for a month, You would make an effort to appreciate your Self daily?! Yes, even on “bad” days. And then let your Self experience how your life might have lightened… If You truly would not feel differently after a few weeks, feel free to go back to old ways of judging, doubting and dismissing your Self. Success-failure-thinking is familiar…we all learned it early on during our socialization – and – does it TRULY strengthen us?

How do I appreciate my Self? With simple thoughts like…

  • Your honesty about feeling vulnerable;
  • The good friend/spouse/parent/child/professional You are;
  • Your efforts to do something for You or others;
  • Your struggle when You haven’t been perfect;

Appreciate your Self for remembering — when you forgot to acknowledge your (lovable) humanness.

Risk loving your Self more … just as You can. Appreciate your slightest effort to contradict those sabotaging inner voices. There is no one better suited to support You in achieving your goals than You are!

Feel the gentle yet powerful effects of your own appreciation. Go beyond the imprisoning of success-failure-thinking in your life and start strengthening your Self by loving You, just as You are …

With love ~ Siljoy