Feelings and Thoughts



I feel, You feel. Feelings – how do we create them? How can we control our feelings?

Consider this:

We actually do have power over what we are feeling! The only exceptions are sudden and surprising events beyond our control such as a car coming toward us or a stranger being aggressive. In these instances, we have no time to think and our emotional response of fear for instance is immediate. When we combine a thought with our energy, it can lead to the next thought AND it can create a feeling. (Unless You are thinking about something completely neutral, like a math question). Think of your ‘life energy’ as a neutral force – it is us who add the thought that will then translate into a feeling.

So when we think worrisome thoughts or focus on concerns with the anticipation that something “bad” is going to happen, our energy might turn into feelings of fear or anxiety. When we anticipate something “good” to happen, our resulting feeling will be excitement and happiness.

We can think about something from many perspectives. When I consider various angles of thought and CHOOSE which one supports me most, I control which feeling I end up with! Let’s take the famous example of the “glass being half-full”: I can be glad, thinking of my glass as half-full, or, I can be disappointed when I think of it as half-empty.

Wanting to overcome fear or anxiety, we need to shift our thinking from often habitual worry-thoughts to the assumption that something INTERESTING will happen – and we will end up with the powerful feeling of curiosity! And we CAN do that when we choose to be open to the outcome and choose to TRUST…

May these my thoughts inspire You to ponder your thoughts… and then I will need to write another blog about TRUSTING…

With love ~ Siljoy