“I myself am a physician and a psychotherapist and I would have never thought that mentoring by phone could be equally effective and healing, as in personal contact. Siljoy is an especially gifted Mentor, with a very big heart … she also became a great role model for me professionally.”

E.S. MD, 36 yrs, Germany 2012

“You have been a great help to me and, I am sure, to many others. You have been instrumental in assisting me towards overcoming my personal obstacles. I have obtained many tools and resources to utilize, during personal crisis, through your tutelage. I commend you for your efforts and thank you for your patience and precious time. I want to recognize you for your skills and devotion towards your profession. I hope you recognize how important your efforts are to so many people; many lives benefit from your endeavors.”

Brian B., 47 yrs, NC 2012

“When I learned that I had a brain tumor and would need surgery, my sister gifted me with an hour with Siljoy. That began a relationship that helped me navigate the challenges of recovery. With Siljoy’s support and my positive attitude, I was able to successfully move forward with healing from the surgery and some long-term issues. I am grateful to be alive and grateful for Siljoy’s skilled and caring mentoring.”

Laila Corbin, WA 2011


“Her capacity for being with me in the moment, and her acceptance of me as the person that I am, with both strengths and challenges, has allowed me to begin to live in the present, while striving to attain my goals.”

 Becky, AZ, 2010

“Siljoy is a wise and gentle guide who helps me draw upon my many resources to live a life of creativity, joy, balance and love. By asking me intelligent questions, she has helped me grow and expand my capacity for happiness in both my personal and my professional life. Together we think and feel and plan for my best health. When I am with her I feel entirely empowered to express my authenticity and make good decisions. She helps me to follow my best instincts and reminds me of my strength as a human being. When I am with her I feel whole and accepted.”

Melissa, 42, Pacific Grove, CA

“I worked with Siljoy over numerous weeks. She provided an extremely safe haven for me to open up to inner issues that led to increased self esteem, greater awareness of my process, and the ability to recognize and deal with child-like emotions.”

Robert S., 54, Carmel Valley, CA

“Siljoy Maurer is truly a healer. … She is also a great spiritual mentor and teacher and has vast knowledge of both Western and Eastern approaches to alternative medical solutions to better health. I am glad to recommend her expertise without hesitation.”

Anna Lambourne, 88, Pacific Grove, CA

“Siljoy Maurer is a passionate and caring woman who brings a wealth of knowledge and practicality to her craft. She exudes warmth, understanding and direction to everyone. Wherever you are, she will truly meet you there and guide you on your life journey.”

Beth C. Hall, C.Ht., Ph.D.(c), Carmel Valley, CA

“Every time I talked with [Siljoy] I could feel myself take a step forward out of the ‘stuck” place. It was a relief and a breath of fresh air. … I do not think I would have made the progress without Siljoy. I was pretty stuck. It affected so many levels of my life. Now I feel calmer, happier, and more whole. It is a good feeling.”

Becky, MN


“Siljoy Maurer is the ultimate gifted Holistic Life Mentor. Both personally and professionally, she has consistently inspired, informed and guided me with great compassion and wisdom. The flexible phone sessions this unique mentor offers to all her clients, makes our life-enhancing work together possible. Siljoy is Amazing!”

 Colleen Chanel www.ColleenChanel.com, Continental Song Stylist /International Keynote Performer

“Siljoy has been a wonderful guide and support person. I was at a crossroads with my infertility journey. I needed someone to talk with that truly understood my pain. I was searching on the Internet one night for some kind of support and Siljoy’s article – Empty Arms – Dealing with the Pain of Involuntary Childlessness caught my attention. I read it and knew that she truly understood! My only concern was that her practice was in California and I live in Illinois. I emailed her. We scheduled a phone session. I was unsure at first about doing phone sessions. After talking with her I knew it was right. The sessions have become invaluable. I have found happiness again in my life. I am peaceful and whole once again and healthier then ever because of Siljoy’s wisdom and compassion. I cannot thank her enough.” 

K.A.F., Crystal Lake, Il

“Siljoy listens not only with attentive ears, but with a deep compassionate heart. She holds out hope, offers fresh new perspectives and highly effective tools while helping me find more peace and ease in living with chronic pain.”

J. S., Carmel Valley, CA

“I started to see Siljoy after many failed infertility interventions that included two miscarriages. I felt as if I had lost myself. The worst part for me was a sense of loneliness. I didn’t feel as if I had any support or anyone to talk to. Siljoy provided me with a nonjudgmental, sympathetic outlet for all the baggage that I was carrying around each day. I would feel lighter after each session. I wasn’t alone in this experience anymore! I would recommend Siljoy to anyone experiencing infertility. She brings experience and expertise to her practice that is hard to find.”

DB, Tucson, AZ, 2011

“I found Siljoy while searching on the web for others struggling with childlessness. A woman recommended Siljoy. I contacted her after realizing how stuck in this pain I really was. The pain was so deep and vast, it colored everything I did and felt. I felt it would always be there, but I also felt I had no one to let it out to. Everyone in my life had children, it seemed. I began to feel I had ‘failed life.’ I was hesitant at first. I too had tried conventional therapy. It seemed painfully slow and did not help this issue. After my first talk with Siljoy, I felt something move. In the very depth of my despair over this issue. I felt … less stuck. I remember feeling surprised. I agreed to further telephone sessions. The next session, again, more movement, I took a step forward. It felt like a solid step, too. A good solid step forward. Here was a person taking my hand, and gently leading me out of the dark, sad place I had exiled myself to. I did not think it possible. She has given me surprisingly simple but effective tools to look at things in a new way. Each session was now a step up and out of the darkness, into a much brighter and more interesting life. I so vividly remember sitting on the floor looking out the window, talking with Siljoy, tears streaming down my face, watching the sun and wind in the leaves, and also feeling that fresh air and sunshine now entering my soul. My life now felt more like an onion, with many many layers. There was much more light, layers, interests, and a feeling of connectedness in my life. No longer feeling isolated, and sad. 

I felt my old playful self return, but this time, wiser, kinder, and much more connected to life and all of her mysteries. I can not explain in words how good it felt, and feels. I now honor this part of my life, it no longer controls my life. My life is as rich and interesting as I wish it to be. Siljoy, I so want to thank you for this.”

Becky, 58, Afton MN

“Siljoy is the only [one] I have found who specializes in helping those of us who are childless with this very challenging issue. She creates an atmosphere of complete safety and trust for everyone, no matter how they might be feeling about not having children. She helped me pass through great pain to live happily as a childless woman, embracing all my options with new-found tenderness and wisdom. My longing for a child has been so profound that I can truly say that Siljoy helped me decide to keep living, staying open to many possibilities for myself. She is such a GIFT.”

Melissa, 42, Pacific Grove, CA

“Siljoy is a very skilled Mentor who understands the deep issues of involuntary childlessness and helps her clients get in touch with the places that need nurturing and healing.”

Deborah K., Davis, CA

“Siljoy creates the safety to heal the hole that no one wants to talk about.”

D. Sanders, Carmel Valley, CA

“Siljoy addresses the complexities of childlessness with compassion and love. She guides and teaches in a way where one can move from the anguish of being childless to seeing the light at the end of the journey.”

S. B.-W., Salinas, CA

“The Embody Your Potential class came to me at just the right time. Siljoy created a sacred and encouraging environment for us to reach into, open up our hearts and go to places that we may not have been able to enter without that safety… It allowed me to focus on my inner self and to bring issues to the surface that needed to be addressed. If you have a need to tap into your soul, you will be guided to this class… there are no coincidences!” 

Nadine Ceyer, Carmel, CA

“Siljoy’s group was just what I needed at the time I took ‘Embody Your Potential’. I loved starting with her very special meditations. I appreciated the small group where I felt protected to say whatever I wanted to say and show any feelings that I was feeling at the time. A protective atmosphere is very important and Siljoy certainly provided it. Now, I do listen to my Wise Woman self and remember so many of our fulfilling times together. Thanks Siljoy.”

Marilyn Post, Monterey, CA

“Do yourself a favor – take Siljoy’s Sacred Hand Mudras class. You’ll learn to create a beautiful dance with your hands that will calm your soul and awaken the mind’s eye. Part prayer, part meditation, Mudras are sacred hand movements that are a living gift from the ancients. I use what I learned from Siljoy daily to center, renew and generate good energy.”

L. S., Carmel Valley, CA

“I am so grateful for Siljoy’s teaching of The Sacred Hand Mudras. She has given me the gift of, what truly feels like, a sanctuary right at my fingertips.”

J. S., Carmel Valley, CA